Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park gives you another colorful Uganda culture, Uganda wildlife and the best findings compiled for your engrossing top attractions in the Savannah most visited across the country. Speaking of the old but Golden, Queen Elizabeth Wildlife review pays an important tribute to the lawns occupying a magnificent picturesque in the Park.

The mighty queen Elizabeth Park straddles in a zig zag motion adventurous to trail on your game park drives, the park occupies prominent districts including the heart of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rukungiri and Rubirizi. Not forgetting its close proximity to the East African’s best city to live in, Kampala City, which is approximately 400 Kilometres by road south western part of it.

For most of our Visitors who come to this magical scene for their holiday feature, we put the spotlight on to the Kasese district which is outside the north-eastern edge of the Park bound by the rift valley escarpments.

Our Uganda Safari along with their trained and experienced tour guides know Uganda than anyone else, this is our home, we live here, we have been here and we know the vast parts virgin and fully unexploited in and around the Savannah, Its time to discover the best things to do in Queen right now.

Queen Elizabeth National Park dives you into a holiday worth of travel inspiration with a planned itinerary and authentic Uganda Safari travel guide to the best attractions in western Uganda not forgetting its sister attractions like in the region like the Kyambura Game Reserve a home of Wild chimpanzees, Kigezi Game reserve a wildlife reserve, Maragambo Forest a best bird watching zone with over 400 unique bird species, the heaven piercing Mountains of moon-mount Rwenzori, the voluminous Virunga National Park with Mountain Ranges and a home to Mountain Gorillas and many more. Read more about Queen Elizabeth National Park, Top things to and see in Queen.

Kasese Uganda town western Uganda culture

Welcome to the home of Uganda’s beauty Kasese Uganda town town full of shouting and clickable mouthwatering adventures that stirs and thrusts hope in one’s adventure on your Uganda Safari when you opt to place a step in the rewarding kasese perimeter that defines the nature of the western Uganda culture.

kasese Uganda town is among the best and favorable touristic destination in the rocky defined heart of Uganda with most of the Uganda safari activities just north of the fringing voluminous lake George with giant milestones for your exploration. The inspiring kasese Uganda growth was geared mostly by the presence of the Kilembe Mines that have continued to adversely play a key a role in the area and the neighboring zones in the region.

Well, as we shall see with our naked eyes, the Kasese Uganda town project stands in surprises with new invasion ideas of Cobalt mining which have defined the rocky plates in the region.

The town of Kasese is the main reachable chief town in the kasese District, the largest land mass occupied by the locals in the town attracted the establishment of the main district head quarters. No wonder its seen as the largest town in the whole of the Rwenzururu Region.

The corroding streets encompass the numerous levels of occupants or natives in the town, A customized kasese Uganda Safari can give you a memorable adventure to visit the palace of King of Rwenzururu region – Charles Mumbere just with in the city of kasese.

Physical Location of Kasese

The nature and composition of the kasese plains and the stunning outgrowth in the land mass surrenders your desire to feel the wrath behind the western Uganda corridor. It’s seen towards the western end of the Uganda Railway with historical monuments, the railway meanders through the famous kingdom of Tororo Opening up to the motherly Uganda’s Capital city Kampala.

It’s worthy visiting the kasese Uganda city as it clings around the most popular touristic destinations just an arm away to the mountains of the moon thrusting naked rocks into the skies and the Uganda’s most toured national Park Queen Elizabeth. Kasese town Uganda is seen westwards, just 345 kilometres away from the main capital and largest city of Uganda-Kampala.

Kasese Uganda Population and Composition.

Statistically, kasese is seen to be one of the fastest growing municipalities in Uganda with increasing birth rates per year, in August 2014, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics recorded the population of the town at 101,679, a figure that had increased rapidly as compared to the previous records

Kasese holds the gracious gate way to the independent and most popular Queen Elizabeth National Park.
The kasese Uganda kilembe Mines are a must visit, these employ over 3,000 employees in the region.

Hima Cement Limited is another big employer located in Hima, approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi), by road, north of Kasese.

Kasese Cobalt Company Limited (KCCL), located on the road from Kasese to Rubirizi just south of the central business district of Kasese, extracts cobalt from the sludge left after copper is extracted from the raw ore.

Other key Points of interest with in Kasese

Kasese central market
Hima Cement Limited
Kasese Airport
Kilembe Cobalt Company Limited
Kilembe Mines – Extraction of copper. Maintains a private hospital and a 5 megawatt mini-hydropower plant, Mubuku I Power Station, that supplies the town of Kasese.
Lakes: George, edward, kazinga channel, Katwe craters
National Parks: Queen elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori National Park
Rwenzori Mountain.

Your Uganda Safari to kasese town can take you to the neighboring tourist attractions.

Kigezi wildlife Reserve
National Parks: